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Child Safety

Child Safety Policy

All Children and Young People have the right to feel safe and protected at all times. At Norwood, we are committed to ensuring that children and young people have the right to participate in cricket in a safe, positive, and enjoyable environment. 

As a result, we have published our signed declaration which commits our club to ensure we maintain the 11 new child-safe standards and adopt the updated Cricket Australia Child Safety Documents. Also included are the signed minutes of our committee meeting dated 4th October 2022 officially endorsing CA's Child Safety policy statements.

AC Policy for Safeguarding Children Young People 2022.PDF

AC Commitment Statement for Safeguarding Children Young People 2022.PDF

AC Child Safety Cricket Personel.PDF

AC Looking After Our Kids Code of Behaviour.PDF

Norwood CC Child Safe Declaration and Minutes Endorsing AC Child Safety Policies

NCC Child Safe Declaration.PDF

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