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Information for new Juniors

When is the season?

Typically the season runs from the start of October to finals in March with a few weeks break for Christmas and new years. 
Note: Blasters is a shorter season.

How do I register?

You can register via the play cricket website. Please note registration for the 2022/23 season will be opened shortly. 

How much does it cost to play?
New players play free - so the only cost is $5 for mandatory insurance.

Juniors - $160
Second family member $140

Girls - $100
Blasters - $100 including a blasters kit with shirt


When is training?

Under 10s, u12s and girl teams train on a Wednesday night. Typically starting at 4:30 and finishing at 6pm.

Under 14s and u26s train Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 - 6pm. For those junior playing senior (men's or women's) cricket they can also train with the seniors on Tuesday and Thursday nights directly following junior training.

When are matches?

In the RDCA u10s and u12s play on a Friday night starting at 5pm and finished approximately 7pm - 7:30pm.

Under 14s and u16s play on a Saturday morning starting at 8:15am and typically finish by 11:30am.

Under 14s playing in the BHDCA play on a Friday night starting at 5pm.

Girls play Sunday mornings from 9am.

When is the cut off for ages?

September 1st - So if you turn 12 after Sep 1 then you are able to play u12s that season.
Girls cricket is largely based on skill level and common sense - so there are no set age requirements. 

What clothing do I need?


  • Norwood playing polo

  • white pants

  • playing cap or white floppy hat


  • Norwood training top (recommended)

  • black shorts/leggings (recommended)

All juniors (except u16s) are required to purchase a personalised Norwood playing polo for matches. These can be purchased via our online store (please note as these are personalised they should be purchased in advance of the season). Girls select the girls polo rather than the purple polo.

u16s - wear a traditional white uniform and will have playing tops supplied by the club. 

All juniors are required to wear white pants for matches. Girls have the option to wear black pants (see ladies one day pants in the store)  or leggings should they prefer. White pants are shown as two day pants in the store - you can also get these pants from cricket stores like saxon, rebel, kmart etc.

All junior should also wear the Norwood one day baseball cap or a white floppy cricket hat. Note: The baggy cap in the store is only for First XI senior players.

For training we encourage all juniors to wear a Norwood training top or singlet and black shorts/leggings. The training tops/singlets can be purchased via the online store.

What equipment do I need?

Norwood have all batting gear required in a number of shared kits. We find that our younger players (u10s & stage 1 girls) will typically use these kits to begin with then acquire their own gear over time. Norwood CC does have a buy, swap and sell Facebook group that is a great place to pick up gear cheap or even for free. 

We recommend getting your own abdominal/box protector asap for hygiene reasons. 

What day is blasters?

Blasters takes place on Friday nights at 5pm on Mullum Mullum top oval.

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